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About Us

Established in 2017, Page Roasting Company is an artisanal coffee roasting business offering alternating single origin coffees, in addition to a few consistently available blends. Page aims to offer members of the community the highest quality coffee possible, manually roasted in small batches and made available to drink and for purchase at many Champaign/Urbana locations. 


Erin Erdman, owner & operator, received her B.L.A.S in Philosophy at UIUC and has worked in the coffee & service industries since the age of 14 as a barista, waitress, roaster, and sales-person. As a woman owned & operated business, Page’s main goals outside of offering well-sourced, specialty coffees are supporting the local small-business climate through collaborations within the community and empowering women and all marginalized people through employment and community involvement.


We look forward to meeting you and hope you can visit us at our roasting location, where we will have open-door ‘office hours’. Stay up to date on our cupping events and local presence by following our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter